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As a group, The Am Law 100 raised revenue by 6.6%—a stunning number considering early prognostications that many firms would decline by double digits. Revenue per lawyer grew 4.8%, the largest. Seattle big law reddit.
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Let's also assume you go NYC big law . $205,000 salary And $15,000 bonus $220,000 total comp Take out about $40k in federal taxes, $11k in FICA, $11k for NY state taxes, $6k for city taxes, $2k for healthcare expenses Take out another $19,500 to 401k (since you want to build wealth) You're left with about $130,500 annually to spend.

Internship/ SA in Asia is very competitive. Especially HK, big laws want lawyer with PRC backgrounds, so without some PRC backgrounds, i say chances are very slim in HK. Singapore is just as tough to break in, but if you have some.
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  • 2014. 2. 20. · A group of Harvard law professors surveyed attorneys from 11 big law firms to ask them what courses students at Harvard ought to take. The big headline is that they recommend finance courses, like ...
  • 2022. 1. 26. · Latest Big Law Salary Increases Prompt Concern and Criticism From Everyone But Associates. In forums and on ... Reddit user LackEither4623 received 510 upvotes for his contribution to the ...
  • You're doing big law wrong. Most people wash out and it's not the end of their lives. Figure out your exit options- smaller law firms, in-house, government, solo or out of law entirely. Until then, save every dollar you can. Your options (and sense of well being) are far, far better if you have six month's living expenses in the bank. 2 level 1.
  • When I decided to leave my Biglaw firm, I left practicing law because I felt like my soul was dying. — Democratic presidential candidate Senator Kirsten
  • 2010. 3. 8. · Above the Law takes a behind-the-scenes look at the world of law. The site provides news and insights about the profession’s most colorful personalities and powerful institutions, as